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Group Matwork Classes
Group classes are run during school terms and vary in length from 4 to 6 weeks. Classes are 1 hour in length with up to 12 participants. Small class sizes enable individual attention ensuring maximum benefit is gained from each class, allowing you to master the basics and achieve more noticeable results, as well as building a rapport with your teacher.
The exercises are performed laying on your back, front, side, on hands and knees and standing. During a course various pieces of studio equipment, such as, Flexi-bands, Pilates Overballs, Toning Rings and Sit-Fits (Wobble Cushions) may be used to challenge you, heighten your awareness and help you gain the most from your Pilates class. All equipment is provided, including mats and head pillows.

How do I join a Group Class ?
Unless you are already familiar with Pilates, attending an initial private lesson is essential to understand the principles of Pilates, therefore gain the most from the exercises once you join a class. If you have been referred by a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath more than one private lesson may be required before joining a group class.
Joining a group class depends on available spaces. Occasionally you may need to go on a waiting list. Once you have joined a class you will automatically keep your place for the following term if you wish to continue.Rolling Like Ball

What do I wear ?
Wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement. Pilates is done without foot wear but you may wish to wear socks. Keep jewellery to a minimum and tie long hair back.


Before attending your first lesson you need to complete a Client Enrolment Form which will allow your teacher to access your ability and to make amendments to exercises to suit your requirements.