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Class Descriptions and Levels

Initially an introduction to Body Control Pilates, covering the main principles, including alignment, breathing and centring.
Gradually an increased repertoire of exercises is taught. Clients are encourage to co-ordinate alignment, breathing and centring, concentrating on every movement.
Suitable for new beginners and those unfamiliar with the Body Control Pilates Method.


Familiar exercises are taken to a more challenging level, and the repertoire is further increased, helping to build strength from the inside out.
Clients are taught a greater understanding of their own bodies and how cheating mechanisms come into play. Exercises are linked to encourage flowing movement.
Suitable for clients with at least three months experience or those who prefer a gentler, more relaxing class.

A more advanced repertoire, progressing clients towards the classic mat series. Aimed to challenge the whole body and increase flowing movement.
A faster paced, builds stamina and core stability. Clients are encouraged to recognize their own body’s limitations and work within them.
Suitable for those with a sound knowledge of their core strength,
who would like to work hard and have at least nine months experience.