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Group Matwork Classes - Terms and Conditions

● Group classes are pre-booked and payable in advance of the course start date to secure your place.

● Group classes must be booked as a course not as individual classes.

● Group classes are non-transferable and cannot be carried forward from course to course.

● Any missed classes in a course cannot be refunded separately.

● Late cancellations (within 48 hours of the start of a course) or a ‘no shows’, will be charged at the full course fee.

● Places are subject to availability and given the popularity of certain classes, you may be put on a waiting list.

● If you are unable to attend a course, your space cannot be guaranteed at the same class on future courses.

● A 'catch-up' system is run each course. For this system to work successfully please inform your teacher if you cannot attend a particular class so that your space can be offered as a 'catch-up'.

● Catch-ups cannot be 'banked' for use sometime in the future, they can only be used during the current course.

● Group class participants must be mobile enough to get themselves down onto a mat and back up again without assistance.

Private Studio Lessons - Terms and Conditions

● Private lessons are paid for at the time of your lesson.

● Block payments for studio lessons are valid for 6 months and are non-transferable.

● Cancellations require 24 hours notice or a £20 fee will be charged.