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Client Recommendations

"I have been able to exercise again which was not something I thought possible after my diagnosis. The positivity and overall well-being I experience after my Pilates session is amazing. Liz has helped me through a difficult time in my life and her patience and motivation has been a driving factor in my recovery. She goes the extra mile. Thank you Liz & Pilates Positive. " Sarah, One to One Tuition March 2013.

"I dislike going to the gym but I love Pilates! I notice the difference in my body shape and am really enjoying the strengthening effects of the series of five. Liz has guided me carefully through the exercises, breaking them down into achievable parts and encouraging me to work harder each week. Perfect studio and complete professionalism." Wendy, January 2013.

"Doing Pilates with Liz has quite literally changed my life.  I had severe back problems and was even finding day to day walking, sitting, driving very painful.  Liz’s thoughtful care and experience has got me back to 100% again and with almost no pain at all, even when doing quite heavy work.  I can not recommend Pilates Positive highly enough, both the classes and her 121 sessions – whether, like me, it’s for changing your life for the better or just to give your body an extra positive boost each week… it’s fantastic."
Buffy, April 2010.

"I had never done Pilates before until attending Liz's class and have found it a really enjoyable experience.  I have previously done yoga, keep fit and all kinds of dance but have found Pilates very beneficial to my overall posture, strength and general well-being.  The classes are so well run that the time goes by very quickly and it's great to give that time to myself."
Heather, June 2009 - Aldeburgh classes.

"Pilates is fabulous and Liz is an excellent teacher. In just a handful of sessions I have started to feel back in touch with my body. It feels like the right kind of exercise- lots of effort but no pain! I am definitely starting to see my body reshaping itself. I always feel energised and positive after a session. For me, Pilates is certainly for life!"
Tracy, May 2008 - One to One Private Tuition.

"I have played golf for many years but my back pain after playing has been unbearable. My wife nagged me to do Pilates and booked a lesson for me with Liz at Pilates Positive. If I am honest, I was very sceptical but I have better movement in my back after only three sessions. I don't feel so tired and stiff after playing now. Also Liz has shown me how to do a short warm up as well as special stretches to do afterwards. If Pilates is good enough for Tiger Woods, it can help me too!"
Steven, June 2008 - One to One Private Tuition (Golf Clinic).